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Textile Science



School and University Education:


Matriculated with distinctions in Mathematics and Physical Science.

1963 & 1964

BSc and BSc Hons in Physics (University of Cape Town)

1969 & 1974

MSc and PhD in Textile Science (University of Port Elizabeth)


Post Graduate Education:


Leicester Polytechnic (now De Montford University - UK) Certificate in Textiles.


City and Guilds (of London) Technician’s Final and Full Technological Certificates, with second highest marks and Silver Medal.




Joined the CSIR as researcher


Assistant Director, 1983: Director


With the re-structuring in the CSIR, became Programme Manager.

1999 - 2003

CSIR Divisional Fellow and responsible for Scientific and Technical Excellence.

2003 - Present

CSIR Contract Researcher and “Emeritus Researcher”.


Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University – NMMU
(Previously University of Port Elizabeth):

1967 - 1988

Accredited Lecturer for the BSc Textiles Course.

1988 - Present

Professor Extra-ordinary, Honorary Professor and Head of the Department (HOD) of Textile Science.


Successfully Promoted/Supervised 10 PhD and 16 MSc candidates as HOD and presently promoting/co-promoting/supervising 6 PhD and 2 MSc students registered at NMMU.


Awards, Professional Qualifications, Committee Membership, etc.:


Wolsey and Bentley Engineering Prizes for the highest marks (UK).


Silver Medal in the City and Guilds of London Technician’s Final Certificate.

1978, 1979

Associate and Chartered member and Fellow of The Textile Institute (UK).

1988 - 2006

Chairman of the HVI Working Group of the Zurich based ITMF.


Vice-Chairman of the Organising Committee of CSIR/Textile Institute Symposium.

1992 – 2000

Chairman of Eastern Cape Section and Council Member of the Textile Institute.


Awarded The Textile Institute (UK) Warner Memorial Medal for Outstanding Published Work in Textile Science and Technology (only South African ever to receive this award).


CSIR Outstanding Achiever award.

1994 – 2008

Represents CSIR on Textranet (European Textile Technology Transfer Network).


Member of National Steering Committee for the dti Wool and Mohair Cluster Study.

1997 – Present

Member of various international, THRIP, IF and other projects.


Appointed by the International Cotton Advisory Committee based in Washington as Research Associate for the 2nd World Cotton Research Conference (Greece).


Member of the Scientific Board for the International Seminar “Textile Science for XXI Century” (Portugal) and Session Chairman for two Sessions.


Member of the Scientific Committee of the Organising Committee, and also Session Chairman, for the 10th International Wool Textile Conference (Germany, 2000).


Scientific Committee Co-ordinator for textile papers at the 3rd World Cotton Research Conference and presented a Plenary Paper (Greece)


Finalist in NSTF “Lifetime Contribution to Science and Technology” category.

2004 - 2010

External Examiner for National University of Science and Technology (Zimbabwe).


Keynote speaker at ESCORENA International Conference on “Textiles for Sustainable Development”, member of Scientific Committee and Co-editor of proceedings (2006).


Member of Development Partnership in Higher Education (DELPHE) project team together with Universities from Kenya, Zimbabwe and Manchester.


Keynote speaker at Southern and East African Cotton Forum (SEACF) International Workshop (South Africa).

2006 – Present  

Member of Editorial Advisory Board and reviewer of the Journal of Industrial Textiles (SAGE Publications, UK and USA).

2008 – Present

Member of the Angora Goat and Mohair Research Advisory Committee.


Invited to Chair 6th Breakout Session of Washington based International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) Annual Conference in Cape Town (South Africa)


Eastern Cape Agriculturist of the Year Award.


National Agriculturist of the Year Finalist.


OBE Advisor to Institute of Textile and Clothing (ITC), Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

2010 – Present

Member of the Medals and Awards Committee of the Textile Institute (UK)


Member of the Advisory Committee and Co-editor of the Proceedings of The US Fiber Society Spring 2011 Conference held in Hong Kong.

2011 – Present

Member of the Editorial Board and reviewer of the Textile Research Journal (USA).


External supervisor and Examiner for MSc (Physics) student at the Walter Sisulu University.


Appointed a Member of the Research Advisory Committee on Wool by CWSA.


Reviewer for the Journal of Natural Fibers (Taylor and Francis, UK).


Appointed external supervisor for MSc students at the Cape Peninsula of Technology (CPUT) and the University of South Africa (UNISA).


Programme Learning Outcome Assessment Plan (P-LOAP) Advisor to ITC, Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


Appointed External Supervisor/Co-supervisor for Masters’ degree students in the Department of Life and Consumer Sciences of the University of South Africa (UNISA).


Published and Conference Papers:

Over 150 scientific and technical papers in national and international journals and conferences

Published the only definitive technical book on ‘Mohair’ in 1993

Contributed Chapters to two books ‘Wool: Science and Technology’ and

‘Luxury Fibres’ published by Woodhead, UK in 2001 and 2002, respectively.

Co-authored a book ‘Clothing Appearance and Fit:  Science and Technology’ published Woodhead, UK, 2004, Contributed two Chapters to a book ‘Cotton:  Science and Technology’ published by Woodhead, UK, 2006.

Co-authored a book entitled ‘Cotton Fiber Chemistry and Technology’ and a

Chapter in a book entitled ‘Handbook of Fiber Chemistry’, both published in the USA (CRC Press) in 2006. Contributed Chapters to two books, ‘Advances in Apparel Manufacturing’ published by Woodhead, UK, and International Trade Centre (ITC), UNCTAD/WTO ‘Cotton Exporter’s Guide’, both published in 2008.

Co-authored a book:  ‘Engineering Apparel Fabrics and Garments’, published by Woodhead, UK, 2009

Contributed a Chapter to the book:  ‘Handbook of Natural Fibres, Volume 1’, published by Woodhead, UK in 2012 and also two Chapters to the book ‘Textiles and Fashion’ published by Woodhead, UK in 2014.

Contact information
Prof Lawrance Hunter
Head of Department
Tel: 27(0)41 508 3260 / 3230, Cell: 27 (0) 82 657 0505